Blue-Ringed Octopus Jar


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Blue Ring Octopus in Porcelain and Cobalt. Painstaking crafted over the course of two years. It took several attempts to get this piece just right. One of only 12 unique pieces made with the worlds finest porcelain in Arita, Japan. This piece is based on the notoriously venomous cephalopod. The average Blue Ring Octopus carries enough venom to kill 26 adult humans.


Unique Edition including custom made box. Hand-painted and sculpted during a art residency in Arita, Japan. Fired to the unbelievable high temperature of cone 14, 1400°C or 2500°F. Firing specially formulated porcelain at this temperature creates a deep and brilliant white, rarely seen outside of Japan. This every piece is hand-painted and unique. Edition of ten numbered in custom wood box. (Please note that there is slight variation between pieces – After purchase I will send you an image of your unique piece.)